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Hotel Apollo Paphos

The Enigma basic ‘Classic’ website option employs all features of the ‘Standard’ package but builds on the web presence by incorporating additional pages, graphics, customer response forms and extended or drop-down navigation menus, creating more depth to your website, whilst still being intuitive and simple to navigate.

Moreover, we generate links to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, not only propelling your site into the engines within a few days but also enabling performance monitoring for the critical first month of operation prior to pick-up by the search engine heavyweights like Google and Yahoo. You will receive detailed monthly reports, showing end-of-week rankings and in-depth statistical visitor reports for your business website.



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In addition, upon your request our talented web marketers will assist you in writing the text copy for your website, highlighting your key messages, engaging visitors to your site and encouraging them to contact you.

Search Engine Ready

Many  SEO website developers lay claim to providing excellent results, and we’re no exception – except we justify them. The links below launch respective search engine results for just one of our clients’ business websites using targeted search phrases. We consider this quite impressive.

Search Phrase

Search Engine


Google 1
Yahoo 1
Bing 1
Ask Jeeves 1
Lycos 1
All The Web 1
BT Openworld 1
Netscape 1
AltaVista 1

Classic Business Website Features

2-year domain name · 1-year site hosting · 3 POP3 email accounts · 1 Gb monthly bandwidth · 13-page optimised website · 13 optimised images · professional contact forms · submission to all leading search engines

Plus – up 20 pages of optimised text and 20-30 images · additional extended or drop-down page menu · additional feedback forms · 1-year PFI inclusion · monthly ranking and visitor reporting · a further 5 POP3 email accounts

Site Design Brief

Once we have established the business objectives and mutually agreed to engage, we will work with you to formalise the design concept for your business website. The site will be crisp, professional and engaging. We will register your web address (domain name), set up the web hosting for your site and configure your email addresses.

Profit from the Web

Call 01234 407 425

Enigma have been a breath of fresh air – moving me from a state of turbid procrastination to having a professional site put together and live within a fortnight. No mean feat.
CC Personal Safety Training

I took advantage of Enigma’s Exclusive website offer and they produced a site which I’m proud of and which has received much comment already from customers.
Jtech Automotive

Apart from the great increase in guests, we are able to make a bigger profit because we pay much less commission to booking agencies as we handle it all ourselves. Thank you.
Apollo Hotel Paphos

Enigma SEO Consulting took our website from nowhere to the top of the search engines, improving our visitor rate 20-fold, making an enormous difference to our conversion yield. Their technical skills are undisputed. A joy to work with.
Open Hosting

Can you believe 5 competition entries already! And these people have all booked in and have found us through the Internet! There’s only so many times we can say how great our site is but thank you once again.
Beauty of Bedford

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