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What Our Clients have to Say

We want you to feel confident with our services, and what better way than assurances from both new and long-standing clients.

Profit From Cars
I’ve known Jesse at Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company for a few years now and have worked with him on a number of web based projects. Each new project has been greeted by Jesse with genuine enthusiasm, tempered with a grounded view of what works and what doesn’t work on the web.

Prior to first contact with Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company, my findings were that good web designers generally weren’t great web site developers and that a great looking web site would very often be delivered (more often than not by an expensive web design agency) at the compromise of speed, effectiveness and presence (in the search engines). As we all know a pretty web site is worthless if the target audience can’t find it.

This is not the case with Jesse. He has a comprehensive understanding and unquestionable talent for high impact design, latest standards web development and search engine optimisation, which I believe comes from a solid appreciation of how the web really works and how best to utilise its potential in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

In addition, Jesse has an acute eye for detail (again a rarity in my experience), and will work tirelessly to deliver a quality product, on time and on budget. Jesse is the sort of guy any small to medium sized business owner or company executive dreams of working with. Someone who will go the extra mile for his clients without constantly wanting to stretch their budgets.

— Chris Miles, General Manager, Profit From Cars

Motivation Works
Thank you for developing a most exciting and professional website to promote my hypnotherapy and coaching business. I was impressed by the way you understood my requirements and your ability to take all that information and use it to create such a unique presentation. Your considerable knowledge and expertise are clearly evident and I look forward to using your services in the future.

— Christopher Simmons, Hypnotherapist, Motivation Works

Best Move Properties
We’re sorry we couldn’t get back to you earlier: we’ve been so busy! Your site has placed us on the Web map and all the work you have done has given us referral after referral. Minneapolis SEO Promotions has not just given us a website to be proud of but one which is industry-leading and has provided leads as a result of prominent Google visibility. Thanks!

— Ali and the Team, Directors, Best Move Properties

Close Encounters
WOW! After 3 years of a website that was not quite what we were promised, Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company have delivered to us a website that is slick, functional and a site we can be proud to point our customers at. Jesse at Minneapolis SEO Promotions has been with us every step of the way and worked damn hard to provide as many features as possible within our budget, culminating in a website that we believe to be one of the finest in our industry.

— Jeff and Bub Chahal, Owners, Close Encounters

Imago Relationship Therapy London
I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the job you have done in order to make such a creative website for me. When I looked at it today, up and running for the first time, I felt that you had produced a site that exceeded all my expectations. Your work is outstanding and I will be recommending your expert service to other therapists.

— Sabine Young, Imago Therapist, Imago Relationship Therapy London

Road Fork in the Valley
Minneapolis SEO Promotions produced an excellent and sensitive website for me, despite it not being a mainstream business type. I received courteous and patient assistance for a procedure of which I knew remarkably little. I thoroughly recommend Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company to anyone who wants to offer an idea via the internet but who needs skilled guidance from the outset through to completion.

— Nigel Flaxton, Author, Road Fork in the Valley

Machine Tool Direct
We approached Jesse Pepper as he was recommended by a third party who was unable to deal with our fairly complex website requirement and our timescales.

We found Jesse to be very responsive and professional – not to mention highly capable in the production of our e-commerce website.

Our aim is to elevate our product to the top of the search engines and with Minneapolis SEO Promotions SEO driving us we have every confidence in getting there.

I would also mention when a website is under construction it is hugely important to be there every step of the way. In order for us to achieve this many unsociable hours were worked and for this we would like to thank Minneapolis SEO Promotions SEO.

— Paul Jones, Director, Machine Tool Direct

It is so refreshing to be able to put such a critical part of your business’ marketing activity in the hands of a professional, knowing the results you are going to get match your vision exactly. Jesse Pepper at Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company has worked tirelessly to make Carcierge a vibrant, easy to use and informative website. He is always available to talk (at some highly unsociable hours at times) and never makes you feel that your demands are too much. He gently guides you through the process of translating your ideas into a workable model. I am really happy with the end result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his personable services to any new, growing or established business, wishing to develop a solid, professional presence on the Internet.

— Nicky Dziewulska-Miles, Proprietor, Carcierge

The brief for Carcierge was simple: design and build a website that was clean, crisp, inviting and professional, which conveyed our core benefits within 3 seconds of a potential customer hitting the site, that would encourage visitors to get in touch and would be ranked high in the search engines, i.e. Google, for maximum visibility to our target audience.

Conceptually a simple set of requirements. However, I knew that only someone with a comprehensive understanding of both how the web really works and the marketing challenges any small business faces when taking their product or service online could get this right for us and help achieve our goals and objectives. This is where Jesse Ghostley and his Minneapolis SEO company comes into his own. He knows the web. He knows quality, accessible web design. And he knows how to optimise for maximum search engine results. When you first make contact with him, the only piece of the jigsaw he doesn’t fully understand is the clients business and the industry in which it operates. How could he? But this soon changes. Jesse immerses himself in his clients business, asking all the right questions to allow him to think from the client’s perspective. “How would I do this if this were my business?” Once he has done that, progress is rapid and working with him is an engaging and dynamic process, with ideas bouncing back and forth. I am delighted with what Jesse has created with us. It meets our brief exactly. Oh and the phone rang on the second day after the site went live.

— Chris Miles, General Manager, Carcierge

CC Personal Safety Training
Jesse has been a breath of fresh air – moving me from a state of turbid procrastination to having a professional site put together and live within a fortnight. No mean feat.

Jesse’s ability to accurately interpret the needs of my business by pulling together fitting style and imagery has produced a site which has far exceeded my initial expectations. He has shown extreme patience in dealing with a troglodyte techno no-hoper, which must have been trying at times.

He has always been professional to draw no attention to my technophobic challenge, even personally setting up all email necessary accounts on my computer.

— Carol Cockcroft, Owner, CC Personal Safety Training

Jtech Automotive
The site is working fine and looks great! The way you guided me through the build process was brilliant. I knew I had to get a website but didn’t know where to begin but I saw the site you produced for Avanti, contacted the owner and you delivered in just a week!

— Jamie Packham, Owner, Jtech Automotive

English Leather Sofas
I wanted to write to thank you for the fabulous redesign of my site. As always you have given the utmost care to ensuring the content and layout are extremely clear and simple and easily accessible to potential customers.

I am continuously grateful for the long hours and enormous effort you put into your work, which goes way beyond ‘the job’ and is always a labour of love.

I am also amazed at the speed with which the this latest refurbishment has been picked up by the search engines and given first page spot to the two primary key phrases.

I am now convinced that English Sofas has the finest web presence in the industry and with your further help will capture ever more market share.

— Sam Neumann, Owner, English Leather Sofas

Find the Best Mortgage
From the site design to the site launch, Minneapolis SEO Promotions have provided a professional, efficient and honest service which has taken into consideration my requirements and ideas.

Within a week of the first discussion I had with Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company they had provided me with a selection of 2 or 3 different sites to look at and decide over, along with a suitable logo which fitted in with the purposes of the website.

Without any written plans or specifications Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company began to bring together a site that looked slick and professional and reflected the purpose and needs of the business. In addition to this Minneapolis SEO Promotions also set up logins on the site so that I was able to monitor the day to day activity on the site in a hassle free way.

Minneapolis SEO Promotions’s knowledge and expertise has produced a fantastic website and their ongoing support and advice has been second to none and key to the success of my site. They provide a hassle free, efficient and friendly service and are always on hand to offer support at any time of the day or night.

— Bill Jones, Owner, Find the Best Mortgage, Only Remortgages

Hifidelity Audio
Just a few words I would like to say about anyone looking for a quality website with page optimization built in.

I spent several weeks going from London to Cambridge with a budget of only about £10k, London told me many things would have to be left out for a later date; Cambridge was very similar £15-20k was the projected rate. Then just by chance I looked at Minneapolis, since I travel through there often. I saw the name Minneapolis SEO Promotion Company.

The more I read, the more free information I received in what to expect from a quality web service provider. I met with Jesse Ghostley and stated what I was up against, all the extras and prices the big name services were charging extra for. Jesse not only assured me but also put it in writing that nothing would be left out including his class leading optimization skills in bringing websites up into the first pages in all the major search engines. We agreed on a price and a start date and within a month my site was 110% better than before, and its visibility went from local to worldwide.

The hifi business is a very specific field. All too often a website is built with the web developer making assumptions and not knowing anything about the specialist fields. Not in this case. Jesse properly researched my field of business – and now knows almost as much as me!

And the site layout with graphics and navigation is intuitive, sharp and inviting. I encourage anyone looking for great web work of any kind to seek out Minneapolis SEO Promotions SEO Consulting for outstanding value with no hidden costs, unlike most other companies out there.

— Paul Letteri, Owner, Hifidelity Audio

Apollo Hotel Paphos
Apart from the great increase in guests, we are able to make a bigger profit because we pay much less commission to booking agencies as we handle it all ourselves. Thank you.

— Petros Petrou, Manager, Apollo Hotel Paphos

Open Hosting
Minneapolis SEO Promotions SEO Consulting took our website from nowhere to the top of the search engines, improving our visitor rate 20-fold, making an enormous difference to our conversion yield. Their technical skills are undisputed. A joy to work with.

— Manager, Open Hosting

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