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PBN Creation Case Study

PBN Creation Case Study

The easiest way to create a quality PBN (Private Blog Network)

There is alot of ways to craete a PBN wesite, but the easiest is to re-create a expired domain with good

metrics that is relevent to your niche. Photography expired domains are a perfect option because many

times link injection for your niche can be as simple as posting a photo about your niche and adding a few

relevent topics.

For this case study we will be re-creating a photography website using a expired photography domain.

Using the wayback machine I can scrape and download all the content very quickly for this domain as just

about all the content has been archived at archive.org. I can use the Blackhat Community Wayback Exporter

that rips all content fromarchive.org to instantly download the zip file for the entire website. I can upload

the files to cpanel for a instant clone of the original website. Because I would rather work with a wordpress

website Im going to manaully re-create this website using the original content. This domain is perfect for a

PBN because it is aged 8 years, has high trust flow, and a clean link profile.

blog creation
Archived Photography Domain from archive.org



High Trust Flow Metrics from Majestic.com
High Trust Flow Metrics from Majestic.com



After I have registered the domian and wordpress is installed on a new host, I choose a good looking photography

theme from the wordpress directory. Now all I have to do is build out the website using the scraped content of the

original website from archive.org. Most of the content is not changed, but I do optimize the meta date and file names

with keywords relevent to my niche.



website re-design
Photography website re-created



As you can see above the re-created website is simple yet atractive enough to pass as a legitament website. I also

set up some social profile accounts on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The social profiles helps the website gain

trust and legitimacy.

Matching the topic of the PBN with my niche.

Because the niche of my money site I’m building PBN’s for is “photography tips”, I need to post articles specific to

photography tips. I use Scrape Box to scrape relevent articles then spin the articles with the built in article spinner

so that it passes as unique content. I post 10 articles about “photography tips” on my newly created photography

website to make it highly targeted to my keywords. This will often times rank the PBN website for my targteted

keywords by hijacking the already established authority of the domain.

scrape box
Scrape box article scraper









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