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Reputation Management

When the reputation of a business, brand or individual profession is fundamentally important. Good reputation management will increase visibility listings, and lead generation.  Some forms of Reputation Management is requesting sites to take down false information, responding to customer complaints, and using the online feedback system to influence product improvement. It is focused on bridging the gap between how people perceive a company’s reputation and how the company’s reputation actually is.


The process of online reputation management may give rise to ethical concerns.

  • Several firms have been known to hire paid bloggers or third party sites to write content favorable to the firm over the internet. They may falsify or alter information that is promising to the firm
  • Some have been requesting websites to remove negative information about them, information that may de fame them.

In instances where the reputation management firm’s unethical act gets exposed, the firm may find itself in big trouble. Its own reputation may get at risk.  The ethics of general practices has become more defined and standardized as the reputation management industry in progressing.

If your clients firm is showing up in SERP for having a bad reputation and negative reviews, here is what you can do to ethically suppress the bad review:

  • Construct links to a positive review, blog post or news story about the firm and make sure it shows up for the same query the review site is showing up for in search drop down box.
  • Publish optimized press release to authoritative websites regularly in order to suppress negative content and promote brand presence.
  • Build and link your clients social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube etc. but make sure to keep all of these updated on a regular basis or else so many social media profiles will dilute your more authoritative assets. Also, include all these up to date social media profiles in your companies’ bio.
  • Ask your client to make presentations that can be uploaded on slideshare.net and name it using the exact same keywords that the negative review is showing up for.
  • The online reputation management association promotes ethical practices through certification programs.

Some fakers have gone through expensive lawsuits which indicate that this industry is on its feet to bring more transparency in the online review system while limiting manipulation and illegally boosting ratings. Even Google considers reputation management practices to be feasible. It even introduces a toolset for firms to request take down of unwanted material and also keep a check on their online identity and image.

Suppressing can sometimes take a lot of time, even more than a year. It requires scrupulous efforts to beat down negative reviews. Good news that might motivate you to keep your negative reviews down is that Google rewards all those brands that provide users with valuable information.

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