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Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 ranking is eminently achievable but persistent, consistent, reliable visibility takes time and money, and for hot markets like holidays and hotels, property, travel or communications, a realistic and not inconsiderable marketing budget should be calculated based on thorough ROI (return on investment) analysis and projection.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing in Action

The examples of search engine optimization and marketing presented here are active client sites. All but one, the beauty salon, target extremely competitive markets with search results returning many millions of pages. Our own business, via this site, targets a specific keyphrase which, when viewed across the Web in Google straddles the first or second page of SERPs, returning some 400 million or so pages for ‘website development’. We optimise for a number of other specific phrases whose SERPs performance can be viewed at the bottom of these examples.

Bear in mind that a massive search results set does not necessarily indicate a fiercely competitive or burgeoning market; it could simply be too woolly a search term or a period of unconsolidated change in the search engine data centres — or an algorithm error. They happen, you know …


Hifidelity Audio

hifidelityaudio web designNot only did we get a complete website built for us but Enigma also included search engine optimisation at no additional cost and took us to the top of the search engines. — Paul Letteri, Hifidelity Audio.

The site was optimised for the phrases ‘hifi dealer’, ‘audio dealer’, ‘loudspeaker dealer’ plus hifi equipment manufacturers such as ‘zu cable’, ‘aesthetix’, ‘gamut audio’, ‘opera consonance’… and a host of other hifi-related phrases.

Apart from bringing the business’ core phrases to prominence, the nature of the site – hifi equipment dealership – demanded a penetrative spread of keyphrases for a wide range of hifi equipment brands and models. The design of the site and navigational structure ensured an innate high degree of visibility for hifi manufacturer and product-specific searches.

Open Hosting Internet Solutions

open_hosting projectEnigma SEO Consulting took our website from nowhere to the top of the search engines, improving our visitor rate 20-fold, making an enormous difference to our conversion yield. Their technical skills are undisputed. A joy to work with. — Jonathan Buckle, Open Hosting.

The site was optimised for the phrases ‘windows web hosting’, ‘uk web hosting’.

An incidental benefit to Enigma was the boost in visitor traffic and subsequent customer growth meant the client has implemented a considerable infrastructure budget resulting in extremely fast and reliable servers — on which we host all originally developed client websites. Very much a profitable win-win symbiosis.

Apollo Hotel Paphos

apollo design servicesApart from the great increase in guests, we are able to make a bigger profit because we pay much less commission to booking agencies as we handle it all ourselves. Thank you. — Petrakis Petrou, Apollo Hotel.

The site was optimised for the phrases ‘cyprus hotel’, ‘paphos hotel’, ‘small hotel cyprus’ and optimised for lateral traffic: ‘cyprus weather forecast’, ‘paphos restaurant’, ‘map of paphos’ among others.

A key point to remember is visitors to any website have often performed a variety of searches to achieve a goal. Search engine optimisation is about capturing not just core traffic but marketing for lateral traffic, a range of search keyphrases associated with a product or service as a natural extension to a theme or search thought process. People often seek a holiday destination based on climate, so optimise for weather forecast and climate search phrases, cuisine, transport or travel opportunities such as tours or car hire. Besides attracting greater visitor numbers, by providing such pages you are offering key local information likely to make visitors bookmark the page.

Beauty of Bedford

beauty company minneapolisCan you believe 5 competition entries already! And these people have all booked in and have found us through the Internet! There’s only so many times we can say how great our site is but thank you once again. — Maria Aloia, Beauty of Bedford.

The site was optimised for the phrases ‘bedford beauty salon’, ‘bedford beauty therapists’ and a range of keywords covering services within the beauty and cosmetics industry such as ‘manicure bedford’, ‘pedicure bedford’, ‘tanning bedford’, ‘cosmetics bedford’ as well as marketing their range of brand-specific services and products.

Since the business serves a local clientele and does not offer ecommerce, website marketing and promotion is geographically based with greater effort afforded search engine marketing through web directories and local business sites. Search engine optimisation is regularly undertaken on a weekly basis as new articles emerge for their online salon magazine, promoting products and services or topical beauty issues such as the growing concerns over tanning and the explosion of skin cancer.

The website is still in it’s marketing infancy, being launched only recently in late February, 2005, yet it is performing well, even though Google is dampening the results to gauge credibility and content worthiness — a recently observed phenomenon and heuristics initiative introduced for new sites by the search giant, no doubt to quench the ever increasing levels of spamdexing and link throwing, particularly in view of the number of websites geared purely to garner AdSense revenue and devoid of any discernible content.

Enigma SEO Consulting

seo consulting company minneapolisEnigma SEO – the web vehicle which clearly illustrates our competence in standards-compliant website development, search engine optimisation and marketing – is not simply a business site. Critically, it is an evolving showcase demonstrating websites created to be accessible to people with physical or cognitive impairments do rather well in the search engines, as evidenced by the term ‘accessible development’ in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Or just damn fine SEO.

Just a few of our other successful keyphrases within the SERPs: ‘website development’, ‘website development standards’, ‘business website development’, ‘accessible website development’, ‘business website optimisation’.

Contact us on to discuss scheduling your search engine optimisation and marketing website overhaul. Better still, commission a complete, fully optimised, market-ready website from us.

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