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SEO Citations (NAP)

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number and it is essential for every type of business which wants to rank well in search results. Every business/company website has to make sure that the NAP they provide is absolutely correct on each and every website. Because when google or other search engines want to determine your validation for a legitimate business, they check NAP on various websites.

Local citations are always better for any company or a business which provide a consistent NAP information. These citations can help you in your SEO strategy. It is a must that these citations are 100% consistent because through this, google or other search engines will rank your business in local researches. This SEO citation is the key reason in verifying your business. The more you provide accurate information, the better will be the reliability. And the more you list your business’ NAP, more people will be able to contact you.

This is why we offer you the best citation building service as we are aware that it can greatly affect your business’ rank. Through us, you will find the easiest way of building up a high quality citation because we follow a careful process in building the citation for each project.

We provide you great SEO citation service through which you can get a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • We make sure to enhance your local rankings:

These citations are responsible for approximately 25% of your rank. As it is the key factor, we make sure that we compose such SEO citations (NAP) which can enhance your rank in the local rankings.

  • We don’t duplicate the lists:

We know the importance of a high quality citation which is why we take NAP consistency very seriously. We also try to avoid any duplicating of the lists or entries which could affect your business in a bad way.

  • We guarantee & claim citations:

We make sure that the citations which we make for you are not claimed by any 3rd party. This is why we take the ownership of these citations so you can easily update it any time you want.

  • We strive hard to provide you a high quality citation:

You can fully depend on us for a high quality citation. As these citations carry weight in your local ranking, we make sure that they are structured with care and are of good quality, providing the right information.

  • We go through a careful process before sending you the reports:

There is a proper and careful process through which we go through in order to make your SEO citations of perfect quality. First of all, we review the supplies information for accuracy, then we check for existing citations with the local citation finder. After this, we create a new list of local citations after reviewing your existing citations. Then comes the step of building citations in which provide as much information as possible. We build comprehensive citations for your business which can benefit your ranking.

Then, the last step of our building citation process is to send you a complete report including the usernames, passwords etc.

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