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I have been asked in diiferent forums about the license agreement of the Cedega software. I have found some useful information on the software and the licence agreement.

Copyright © 2000-2005 TransGaming Technologies Inc.

Portions Copyright © 1993-2005 the Wine project authors (see http://source.winehq.org/source/AUTHORS for a complete list)

Portions Copyright © 2002-2005 the ReWind project authors (see http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/rewind/rewind/AUTHORS for a complete list)

Source code and other software components that include portions Copyright TransGaming Technologies Inc. are covered by the Aladdin Free Public Licese, (AFPL) the terms of which are listed below. In particular, redistribution of the following components in source or object code form is allowed only under the terms specified by the AFPL:

  • dlls/ddraw (libddraw.so)
  • dlls/dsound (libdsound.so)
  • dlls/dinput (libdinput.so)
  • dlls/d3dgl (libd3dgl.so)
  • dlls/d3d8 (libd3d8.so)
  • dlls/d3d9 (libd3d8.so)
  • dlls/dinput8 (libdinput.so)

This is not an exhaustive list. Other components that include TransGaming Technologies Copyright notices are also covered by the AFPL, with the exception of components covered under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Other source code and software components are covered by the ReWind license, found below.

Additionally, the following components are covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License, found below:

  • dlls/avicap32/ (libavicap32.so)
  • dlls/msdmo/ (libmsdmo.so)
  • dlls/quartz/ (libquartz.so)
  • dlls/msacm/winemp3 (libwinemp3.so)
  • dlls/wininet (libwininet.so)
  • dlls/urlmon (liburlmon.so)
  • programs/regsvr32 (libregsvr32.so)
  • miscemu/preloader.c (wine-preloader)

Source code to the LGPL components is available via CVS access through: https://gametreedeveloper.com/

Note that while this license does permit certain kinds of non-commercial distribution of pre-compiled binary packages of Cedega, doing so on a large scale is discouraged, as it affects TransGaming’s ability to continue to improve and develop the code. TransGaming reserves the right to change the license under which TransGaming-owned copyright code is made available, and will not hesitate to do so if non-commercial distribution of pre-compiled binary packages adversely affects the financing of continued development.

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